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 This website is my art galery


My name is Ruud van Straten. Since my education at the fashion academy in Amsterdam in the 1980s, my interest in painting and drawing has been fueled. My favourite medium is oil paint, layer upon layer, often without a visible touch, I like paintings to be as smooth as possible. When I draw I use Inkpencils. The combination of drawing and mixing with water creates vibrant colorful portraits. By processing these digitally and combining them with collage, spray paint and photographic techniques, exciting new canvases are created. Ever since my training specializing in menswear, my focus has been on men. My theme is mainly the man. I notice that there is still a taboo on male nudity or sensuality, although most of the positive reactions come from women. They often indicate that it is a welcome change from the usual naked ladies. I would like to make sure that paintings and drawings with men are more visible to a wider audience.

Watch, enjoy and respond and ask me if necessary. Thank you for visiting my website