About Ruud ;




Born in the Netherlands 1967.

After studying fashion design in Amsterdam in the late eighties and working in the fashion business Ruud studied for Interior designer. He is now working for one of the leading Dutch interior design shops.


Painting and drawing has always been my passion. Since some years I picked up my art again. Painting with oilpaint, drawing and digitalising art. 

The use of different techniques ensures an exciting colorful and varying collection Portraits, people and in particular men are my favourite subjects, sometimes playing with the androgenous aspects of people. I like to show them in a unchoreographed way, as if it where a snapshot. Or looking directly at you through the lense into your home. As if they have something to tell you; I am here, you caught me, so deal with it.

 I work on commission and usually show free work. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any special wishes, who knows.


 Some examples as shown below can be printed in size to your request, on plexiglass, aluminium, canvas or dibond. Ask me for possibilities.